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1. Where do you procure articles from?

Ans: We procure articles from journal websites and commercial vendors

2. If we get an article from QMed, do we have the rights to do whatever we want to?

Ans: No. When you get an article from QMed, you have got it after paying the copyright fee for the article, as required by the journal. The article allows one person (the requestor) to read it. You may quote results from the article, or refer to anything written in it, with due citing and referencing the article. Do ensure that you do not plagiarize any matter

​3. I am a manager of my division, in my company. If I get an article and then quit the company, can my successor use the article?

Ans : Yes – your successor can use the article. You should delete the file from your computer and after passing it on to your successor

4. Can we make copies of the article?

Ans: No you cannot make further copies of the article. If your company needs more copies, you need to order for more copies

5. ​Our company would like to distribute multiple copies to doctors that we are in touch with. Does QMed provide a service of procuring “reprints” of the article?

Ans: No – QMed does not provide this service

6. How do we go about getting reprints then?

Ans: The best way is to contact the journal publisher. Very often you have to answer multiple questions about why you need the reprint and then they will give you a quote for providing reprints

7. What is the cost of getting a full text article from QMed?

Ans: QMed charges Rs. 1700/- plus GST for every article.

8. How do you provide articles at a standard cost?

Ans: This is based on our providing services to several companies. Some articles cost less and some cost more. On an average we are able to provide an article at Rs. 1700/-

Special notes:
a) Once we receive an order, even if we find the article to be free online on the journal website, we charge Rs. 1700/- It is the requestor’s responsibility to check before ordering. Do note that on the other side, we do provide expensive articles at Rs 1700.
b) Occasionally if an article is very expensive, then depending on your order history, we may ask you to pay the full cost of the article. We will check with you before you place an order

9. Do we get soft copies of all the articles?

Ans: Yes in majority of cases. Sometimes the articles may be scanned pdfs.

10. What is your time frame for delivery?

Ans: We try and deliver most articles in two working days. This time frame works best for requests received from Mon​ to Friday (except holidays)

Special note:

The delivery time frames will work for about 95% of requests. However, we cannot absolutely guarantee delivery time for every request, since we do not have these documents in-house, but procure them for you.

​11. How do we place orders for articles?

Ans: Registered users from a comp​any can place orders, by one of three methods

​a) Giving a citation
b) Giving one or more PMIDs from PubMed
c) Uploading a file with a number of article citations
Please check the options under the “Article Request” Menu

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