We procure and provide Medical (all health sciences) journal articles and have a fill rate of more than 90%. Most importantly, we procure articles ensuring copyright compliance.
Articles procured are for a single person's  use (in the case of a company, for a single chair use, if he/she quits, the successor can use the article). The person/ company cannot make multiple copies.


Articles are procured from Journal websites, Libraries abroad and Commercial vendors

Costs: Rs. 1700/- per article plus GST as applicable. Occasionally some difficult to procure articles may cost more. We will intimate such details, and check with you before ordering for the same.

Pricing explained

We procure articles at varying prices as procurement and copyright costs vary.

We provide articles at a standard pricing based on an average of costs that we incur.


All articles will be delivered by default as a soft copy. The articles in most cases will be open pdfs or scanned pdfs


  • We try and deliver most articles in 12 to 48 working hours.
  • This time frame works best for requests received from Mon-Friday (except holidays)


The delivery time frames will work for about 95% of requests. However, we cannot absolutely guarantee delivery time- since we do not have these documents in-house.


Ordering articles :

You can order by sending e-mail in the following format: -

To : articles@qmedin.com
Subject : Your name/Company name- Request for article
Body : Full citation / detail of the document to be ordered
A Single citation or a list of references may be included
* Please specify your organization’s name (and requestors name if you wish)

Invoicing and payments :

Invoices are sent immediately after articles are despatched. Payment must be made at the earliest, and definitely not later than 21 days from the date of the invoice or else no further requests for articles will be entertained.

Copyright Compliance:

Each article provided is procured only for the use of the requestor. For reproduction / distribution, the law requires ordering of multiple copies. Please contact us for guidance, in case you need to order multiple copies.



  • Articles that we provide to you may be used only for the person for whom you make the request and not by multiple people in the organization or outside.

Download the declaration and print it on you Company Letter-head


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Email: articles@qmedin.com

We procure medical journal articles for the industry.

Since 2008 we have moved the rest of our activities to
QMed Knowledge Foundation, a Not for Profit Trust.